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In The Middle

Posted: October 29, 2011 in children, family, friendship, life, love
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Do you have a middle name?

I do, my middle name is Mary, and it’s after my mum’s sister, my Aunt Mae – her real name is Mary.

Do you ever use your middle name?

In everday life, no not really. However a number of years ago, a friend of the family who has since moved away, used to always called me “Dorothy Mary”. Personally I always found it a bit odd, and never really understood why she did this, although I did sound quite good and made me stand out a bit having sort of double-barrelled first name unlike everyone else.

Do you like your middle name?

Yes, it’s a reasonably simple name, but one that means a lot to me as it gives me an even stronger link with my Aunt Mae.

Do you sometimes wish your middle name was your first name?

If I’m honest, yes I used to wish my middle name was my first name. However as I’ve got older I think I’ve kind of grown into my first name. In addition I like that my friends call me Dot rather than Dorothy, therefore these days no I’m happy to leave my middle name as my middle name.