Archive for December 4, 2011

I’ve been talking this last week about the different types of relationships and how we develop our relationship. However what do you think is the most important characteristic of a good relationship?

For me it has to be communication as it’s impossible to have a true relationship with someone if there is no communication.

From an early age we’re taught how to communicate with others, and in doing so we start to develop relationships and trust with others. Communicate with others allows us to discuss issues, constructively dissolve disputes, and make decisions, in other words it’s essential for everyday life!

When we have an emotional connection with those we communicate with, that’s when our relationships truly flourish, and that’s when we can find a friend or a relationship for life. But unfortunately these types of relationships come at a cost…time! We must put a lot of time and effort into our relationships if they are to become strong ones, and we must continue to nurture that relationship once it is well established.

You may be thinking that all I’ve said he is relevant only to your relationships with family and friends, but that of course is not the case – Our relationship with God will stagnate if we don’t spend time developing it too, so it’s important that we all spend some “quiet time” with God alone so that we can develop a deeper relationship with HIm.

In conclusion, relationships will only work if we put time and effort into developing them and most of all, if there is communication.

I pray today that you each may have some relationships in your life which will stand the test of time. But most of all, I pray one of those relationship may be your relationship with God.