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Bigger and Better

Posted: December 9, 2011 in family, friendship, life, love, pray, prayer, religion
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I recently heard someone say the following:

Your Problems may be bigger than you, but GOD is BIGGER than your problems.

and it got me thinking about how I view God, and in turn asking myself some questions:

  • Do I always remember just how wonderful God is?
  • Do I always consider God to be the most important thing in my life?
  • Do I always remember that God can help me through all situations?
  • Is God always the first person I turn to in times of trouble?

I’m ashamed and disappointed to admit that my answer to some of these questions were not what I or God would have wanted.

I challenge you today to consider your own responses to the above questions. If like me your answers are not what God requires them to be, please bow before God today and ask Him to help you to put Him first and foremost in everything you do and everywhere you go – That’s what I’m doing so please join me.