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So we’re now on the second last day of 2011, so I’d like to ask you to reflect on this year as far as your faith is concerned…

  1. Is your faith stronger now than it was at the start of this year?
  2. Have you questioned your faith at times during the year?
  3. How have you coped when troubles have come your way?
  4. Are you still growing in your faith?

I’m sure we’ve all had our ups and downs during this year, but it’s how we’ve coped during those “down” times in our lives that help us build our faith. For me, I’ve been in some very low places in the past which I tried to get myself through on my own…what a failure that was! However when I realised that God was still there with me, things did improve for me, not immediately and no my problems didn’t go away, I was just able to cope better knowing everything was in God’s hands.

It’s because of those really black times in my life that I was reminded that my faith can and will get me through everything life throws my way. Therefore my faith this year is definitely not stagnated or reduced, but through some of the situations I’ve had to deal with, I can truly say my faith has been reinforced and become stronger.

God is good and He will provide for me in all situations, He is faithful.

Here’s Bellshill Band of the Salvation Army playing an arrangement of Great Is Thy Faithfulness, called Swedish Folk Song:

I pray that this year has been a God-inspired year for you and that your faith in has been deepened by your life-experiences. I pray 2012 will also be one where you experience God’s love for you each day.