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Have you noticed the common theme of my blog posts this last week?

They were all about patience…

Patience is something some of us have and many of us strive to obtain. It’s something we all need at times, but many of us fail to use when we need it.

Personally patience has always been something I’ve never had much of. However over the last 10-15 years I know I have become a more patient person – That definitely does not mean I am always patient, far from it. I have made a conscious attempt over the last while to become a more patient person, as I was well aware of the negative affects my impatience was having on both myself and those around me.

There are many around me who also find it difficult to be patient…but I would like to mention one in particular to you today, my Mum.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while, you’ll be aware that my Dad suffers from vascular dementia and has deteriorated very quickly over the last year or two. My Mum is currently still caring for Dad at home, although she is finding it increasingly difficult cope with Dad, despite social work helping with some things these days. Mum often says to me and others, that she prays constantly for patience…

Because of Dad’s dementia, it is very waring for Mum caring for Dad, both physically and emotionally as constantly having to explain and repeat thing must be exhausting for Mum, nevermind coping with some of the strange things Dad does!


Patience…something we all wish we possessed.

Patience…rewarding when we possess it.

Patience…something God can help us find.

Patience…pray for it!