Archive for February 17, 2012

This last week I’ve been talking about healing, and how God can heal us. However God’s healing is not just about healing our physical and emotional scars, it’s about healing our heart.

How can we ever hope to truly move on with our life and accept the situations we find ourselves in if we don’t allow God to heal our heart?


It’s even deeper than just our heart God wants to heal…it’s our whole life. We can never truly be healed if we don’t let God into every part of our life.

Dear Lord, I pray today that you may help each of us to give the whole of our lives to you, so that you might heal all our wounds. By helping heal our wounds, I know you will make us stronger as people, but more importantly, as Christians. So Lord, heal us and use us to help guide others to you so that they too might find healing. Amen