Archive for March 7, 2012

You may know my name.

You may be able to pick me out in a photograph.

You may see me every day

You may say hello to me every day.

You may talk to me frequently.

You in fact have known me for years.

But do you really know me?

For the almost all of you the answer will be No, because while you may think you know a lot about me, can you honestly say you know the “real” me?

Do you know what upsets me?

Do you know what I struggle with?

Do you know all the things that are going on in my life just now?

There’s only one person who truly knows how I feel, and truly knows me and understands how I feel…and that is God!

Don’t ever think you know everything about someone, because that simply isn’t possible, only God knows exactly who we are and how we feel.