Archive for April 14, 2012

Why do feet smell and noses run?

Why do film trailers allows include all the funny bits of comedy films, so that when you watch the film it’s a complete disappointment?

Why are the house keys never where you think you left them!

When you lose the bookmark from your book, why does it always take forever to find the page you got to!

When you have a dark coloured car, why do you always get white bird poos on it, and conversely when you have a light coloured car, why is it always black bird poos that land on it?

When you’re running late, why are all the traffic light to come to at red?

Why is it that no matter what queue you join, it’s always the slowest moving one!

When you’re waiting in for a delivery, why do they always come either just minutes before the end of the time slot, or after it!

Why are the nicest tasting things always the things that are bad for you?

Why do we keep pens even when we know they’ve run out of ink!

Why does the fire alarm at work only ever go off when it’s wet outside?