What do you do when life overwhelms you?

Do any of the following reflect what you do?

  • Hide
  • Cry
  • Speak to a friend
  • Feel sorry for yourself
  • Eat
  • Turn to a loved one for a hug
  • Pray

I don’t know about you, but I know in the past when life has overwhelmed me, the last thing I considered doing was praying!

I know that says more about my faith than about anything else. However having said that, I can confirm that these days when life starts to overwhelm me again, I do turn to God in prayer.

I believe that during those darkest and most overwhelming times in our life, that’s when God is closest to us. After all God won’t put anything in our life He doesn’t think we can cope with, with His help.

So if life is overwhelming you, I’d urge you to turn to God. He alone can give you the strength and encouragement to get through those difficult days.

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