Poverty In The UK #2

Posted: May 9, 2012 in blogging, children, family, Food, Health, homeless, life, news, politics, poverty, UK, work
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Yesterday in the first part of my Poverty In The UK series of blog posts, I gave you the shocking news that there are millions of people living in the UK, as supposedly large economy, who are living in poverty.

Today I want to have a look at some of the factors that cause poverty…


The recession in the UK has led to huge increase in unemployment levels in the UK, and as the recession continues to grow deeper, unemployment levels are set to rise further.

Those with fewer skills are at higher risk of being unemployed. Those from some minority ethnic groups are also at higher risk of unemployment. The area in which you live is also a huge factor in determining your chances of unemployment, as if you live in an area of high unemployment, you’re even more likely to be unemployed.

Low Wages

Just because you have a job, doesn’t guarantee yu will be poverty free. Low wages, part-time work and not having two working adults in work all increase the risk of poverty.

Inadequate Benefits

There are benefits and tax credits available which are supposed help those in need. However, in my opinion, they are too low to help those who are most in need of help.


There are thousands, if not millions of people around the country who are in debt. Some are managing their debts, while others have let their debts get out of control and so are now struggle to make repayments, and so are sinking deeper and deeper into a downward spiral of debt.

These are just a few factors which can contribute to families being in poverty.

Shocking isn’t it that these factors can have such a catastrophic impact on so many lives in the UK.

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