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I don’t know whether it’s because of what I’ve been focusing on in my blog posts this last week, I found myself doing something on Tuesday that I’ve never done before, and it even surprised me when I did it!

When I was out on Tuesday lunchtime for my daily walk, I came across a homeless person who was asking every passerby for money. In these situations I must admit I usually do what many folk do, I keep my head down, ignore them and walk on. Well Tuesday was no different as I did walk on past her, however this time I did apologise to her for not having any money I could give her.

I continued on my walk and by the time I got round to the local supermarket a few minutes later, I had decided to buy the woman a sandwich and a drink. This shocked me as it’s just not the kind of thing I usually do – I usually much more hands-off, being far more likely to donate to a charity which will help folk, than actually do something proactive myself.

Anyway, having made my purchases, I met one of my friends from work as I was leaving the supermarket, and we started walking back to our office. There are several routes back to the office from the supermarket, so my friend asked which way I usually go. I told her but then added that I wanted to go a different way as I’d bought a sandwich and drink for a homeless person I’d passed on my way there. She told me that was a really nice thing to do, but thinking about it now, didn’t seem very surprised!

When we got to where the homeless lady had been, she was nowhere to be seen. My friend told me that at least I’d tried to do something good for her…

As we continued walking back to our office I spotted the homeless lady sitting on the ground in the main shopping area. So I went over to her and gave her the food and drink I’d bought for her. She was very grateful and told me I didn’t have to do that for her, and as I started to leave her she said, “God bless you“…that brought a tear to my eye.

It felt good having done something for that lady, even thought ultimately it wasn’t much to me. However it did seem to mean the world to her, and that was what really touched me more than anything.

It is true what they say, that sometimes the smallest word or action from one person can mean the world to someone else.

Go on, do a good deed today!