Archive for August 17, 2012

I sometimes wonder how many times a day God must say that about me…”What are you doing?”

…because I certainly say that about myself often enough!

The very fact that I disappoint myself with some of the things I say and do, shows that I have a long way to go in my Christian journey, as I can’t be giving my whole life to God. If God was in control of my whole life, He would give me the power and the ability to say “No” to myself when I’m tempted to say or do things which are not Christ-like.

It’s time to look inward and re-evaluate myself and my commitment to giving God the whole of me, why don’t you join me in this today – I’m sure we all have areas of our lives where we haven’t allowed God to fully enter, so now’s the time to open up and let God fully into your life.