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Have you every come across someone who seems to be habitually unhappy? I guess we’ve all known someone like that at some time in our lives…aren’t they a bit of a misery!

I read the following quote from Abraham Lincoln yesterday that reinforces the fact that happiness can often be a state of mind:

Most of us are just about as happy as we make up our minds to be

I guess those who are habitually unhappy, do not try very hard to be happy. After all, take a look around you, I’m many of the people you work with, attend school or college with all have things going on in their lives which could make them unhappy and upset if they let it. However most of us do our best to be happy when we’re in public and “pretend” all is well.

When we see someone smile, it can often make us smile even if inwardly we really don’t feel like it. So let’s endeavour to make happiness our state of mind and spread a little happiness wherever we go.