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I’ve been aware in the last few days of a lot if discussion/comments being made about whether those who physically abuse their partners should be forgiven. This has all come to prominence because the singer Rihanna went on the Oprah Winfrey show last week and stated she had forgiven he had forgiven Chris Brown, the man who was convicted of physically assaulting her a few years ago.

From a Christian‘s perspective I’d say yes, we should always forgive everyone regardless of what they may have done. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to forgive in every situation because I know it isn’t. Personally I know how hard it can be to forgive someone who has hurt me emotionally, nevermind someone who has intentionally physically hurt me, so I can only imagine just how difficult it must be to forgive someone who you thought loved you, but is still willing, and capable of physically hurting you.

I know there has been a bit of an outcry from various groups who campaign for the rights of those who have suffered from physical abuse, saying that Rihanna is wrong to forgive Chris Brown because, “it sends the wrong message to abusers”! How? It doesn’t mean that those who abuse others will not be punished for their crimes, it simply means that those who have suffered at their hands are big enough and strong enough people to forgive them and move on with their lives.

So in conclusion I want to say two things, firstly, well done to Rihanna for being willing and able to forgive Chris brown for what he did to her. Secondly, I just want to remind you that, as I said earlier this week in my blog post The Power of Forgiveness, try and stay strong, forgive others, and live for the present and the future rather than the past.