Archive for October 6, 2012

Why is it that when you go shopping and there’s only one item of something you want left, it’s always at the back of the top shelf that you can’t quite reach

Why are some people always late regardless of how much earlier you tell them they’ve to be there?

Why does toast always land butter side down when you drop it on the floor?

I’ve never understood how you can be too tired to sleep – isn’t that just a contradiction?

Why does it always rain when you forget your umbrella?

Why are dogs said to be “man’s best friend”…what about other human friends!

When you’re in a hurry to print off some last minute notes, why does the printer always run out of paper

Why does it always rain when I go to Edinburgh?

Why do birds always “attack” newly cleaned cars?

and finally…

Who stole the summer this year?!