Archive for October 9, 2012

The last couple of days I’ve give you some examples of situations where the physical pain being experienced by someone, can be easily overlooked or ignored by others. Today however I want to remind you that although I’ve focused on physical pain for the last couple of days, it’s not just physical pain that people overlook.

Physical pain can be debilitating and draining but emotional pain can cause just as much pain and fatigue. Unfortunately though, emotional pain is often dismissed something the sufferer can just turn off when they get in the way. However those sentiments couldn’t be further from reality!

Having struggled both physically and emotionally on a number of levels for some time, I can honestly say that I’m not entirely sure which is worse, physical or emotional pain. In some ways physical pain is actually easier to cope with because normally there is at least a reason for the pain and pain killers can often help ease the pain to some extent. However when you’re suffering emotionally, there is no quick fix, as there no “emotional pain-killer” that can just turn off your feelings and suddenly make the world seem brighter and more appealing again.

So please remember that just because you can’t see anything physically wrong with someone, doesn’t mean they are necessarily well physically or emotionally. So don’t judge others, particularly when you’re simply doing it based on what you can see.