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You say, “I can’t forgive what they’ve done to me.”

I ask you, “What has anyone done to you that is worse than what they did to Jesus Christ?”

Christ was crucified on a cross. He died a slow and agonising death.

We thankfully will never have to endure the pain, agony and persecution that Christ suffered while He was here on earth. But let me remind you that because Christ died on the cross, our sins were forgiven, and every sin we ever commit will be forgiven.

Therefore to try and repay Christ for dying for us, let’s make sure we forgive all those who hurt us in any way, because only then can be truly find peace again. There is nothing anyone can do to us here on earth that we should not we willing to forgive, so let’s keep our hearts open and true to God so that we can find forgiveness even when it feels that forgiveness is the last thing you want to do.