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I’ve been reminded all too often in the last year or so, how easy it can be to miss and/or ignore the signs of a heart attack…particularly if you are a female. From what I’ve been told, and what I’ve read. some of the symptoms experienced by women when they are having a heart attack can can different from the more familiar symptoms which men suffer.

I therefore thought it would useful to remind you females, what signs and symptoms you should look out for, as recognising the signs of a heart attack in either yourself or someone you know, could save a life!

So here’s some heart attack symptoms women should look out for:

  • Heavy pressure on the chest, not necessarily pain, but like there’s a heavy weight on the centre of left side of your chest. It may come and go and can be mistaken for indigestion.
  • Shortness of breath that comes on suddenly when you haven’t exerted any energy. Struggling to take breaths combined with discomfort in your chest is a definite sign to get checked out.
  • Nausea and vomiting – This is far more common for women than men and is often hard to link to the idea of a heart attack.
  • Sudden fatigue, which is easy to ignore as it can last for a few days or come and go – This can also combine with weak or tired muscles.
  • Dizziness and feeling light-headed.
  • Sharp pains in your torso or arms – Women are also more likely to report stabbing pains in the back, shoulder, neck or jaw.
  • Cold sweats or unexplained or extreme sweating.

So those are the symptoms to look out for, but what should you do if you or someone you’re with experiences any of the above?:

  • If you have one or more of the above symptoms for longer than five minutes, call an ambulance – quick treatment is lifesaving.
  • Even if the symptoms go away quickly, it’s still worth getting checked out by a doctor as it could be a sign that a heart attack is on the horizon and you may be able to prevent it.

In summary, if you’re in any doubt whether you/they may be having a heart attack or not, don’t delay, call an ambulance or get yourself to A&E immediately and get checked out. After all it’s better to get checked out immediately and find there’s nothing wrong than to hold off and suffer what could be a life-threatening heart attack.

Please remember these signs to look for, and most importantly take action fast as doing so may safe a life…your life!