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In the last few months I’ve been reading all the books in the Left Behind series again (by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins). Within the last couple of days I finished rereading the 8th book in the series, The Mark, and was again challenged to consider my own faith.

For those of you who haven’t read the The Left Behind series it is a series of fictional books that tells the story of a number of people before, during and after Christ takes all His people from Earth, to be with Him. i.e. the Rapture.

So, back to why I was challenged again when I reread The Mark…will in this book, the antichrist has decreed that everyone who follows him, must receive his mark on their forehead or hand. We are told that if you believe and follow God, you cannot willingly accept “the mark of the beast” (i.e. the antichrist). For those who refuse the mark, the antichrist decreed that they will be put to death, by guillotine! So in this book, part of it focuses on a prison enclosure where criminals and Christ followers are detained, and are some of the first to be given the mark of the antichrist. The story goes into great detail of how the Christ followers are praying and urging others in their enclosure to renounce the antichrist and accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and thus refuse “the mark”.

I was deeply challenged by the way these seemingly ordinary people, were able to witness for Christ right up to the last seconds of their lives, all because they were confident of their faith, and of God, that although they would lose their life here on earth, it was just the start of their eternal life with God.

Wow! Is my faith that strong? Would I give up my life rather than admit I believe in God?

Difficult questions, but ones as a Christian I feel should be easy for me answer! I pray I will never find myself in the circumstances those in this book were in, however I earnestly pray that God will continue to help me grow as a Christian so that should I be challenged in that way, I would be willing to give up my life for Christ.

I challenge you today to consider how you would respond if you had to choose between life or admitting you believe in God. If you have any doubts about your choice, I pray that you will find the encouragement and strength from God that you need to truly accept Him as your Lord and Saviour.