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I heard a few minutes of a discussion on the radio earlier in the week about, whether it was ok for people to wear a poppy if they disagree with the policy of war.

For me that’s a moot question as while I disagree with the concept of war and killing other human beings, I believe we should all proudly support our war veterans, those who died in conflict, those still fighting in conflicts and also those still serving in our armed forces.

Remembrance Day is about remembering those who gave their lives so we could be free, but it’s also about looking forward and praying for peace.

So today as you’ve looked back and remembered the fallen, I hope you have also looked forward and prayed for peace.

God bless all those who have died serving their country in our armed forces. I pray today for their families and friends, and that together we may all look forward to world in which all nations can live on peace and harmony.