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Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.Did you get lots of lovely presents for Christmas? Did u get exactly what you wanted?

I hope that whatever you got from Santa and your family and friends, it was just what you wanted, and that any unexpected surprises where great ones.

I certainly got lots of lovely presents, including some unexpected items, but all were things I’ll be able to make good use of, so thank you to all of you who sent me gifts – I hope you liked your gifts as much as I liked mine!

Christmas has been hugely commercialized over the years, and for me, if anything it has gone too far now. How can it be ok to call this “holiday time” rather than “Christmas time” when if there had never been a Christ there would be no holiday?

So this Christmas time, I pray that not only have you received lots of lovely Christmas presents, you have also received the presence of God in your life and in your home too. I pray that Christ may not just be part of your Christmas this year, but also every day of your life.