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What are your choices?  Whom are your choices for? Not just for yourself.  Chose now whom you will serve, and that choice is going to affect the next generation, and the next generation, and the next. Choice never affects just one person alone.  It goes on and on and the effect goes out into geography and history.  You are part of history and your choices become part of history.

Edith Schaeffer

Sometimes it can feel as though we have no choices in life, because the outcomes of any choice we have have already been decided for us by someone else or by circumstances. That however is not true of every choice we have in life…there is one choice in our life that we can only make for ourselves, because even if someone else tries to make that decision for us it means nothing unless we make that choice too.

Any ideas what choice I’m talking about?

The decision to believe in God and give your heart to Him.

Having said that, just like any other choice in life, whether we choose to follow Christ or not, that decision will affect our future and the future of those we encounter during our life. Therefore, at the start of this new year, I again would like to urge you to make the right choice in your life, by letting God into your life and giving Him your heart.

Give God your heart and reap the benefits in your life and see the impact and change you can have on other’s lives too.