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a-friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeedIn the last few weeks, I think it would be fair to say that I’ve been struggling physically and emotionally with a few things. So much so that there have been several times when I have been about to contact a close friend of mine to chat to them, as they are always very supportive and understanding towards me.

Nothing unusual about that is there? Well actually there is….the person is question that I was going to talk to passed away a while ago! I hope you don’t find that creepy, I’m only trying to convey to you how strong a relationship we can sometimes have with other who are not related to us but who are very close friends.

Since my friend died, I’ve found myself often thinking of calling x, but I’ve always managed to stop myself calling them before I’ve actually picked up the phone!

So what now, who did I contact? Well I quickly reminded myself that while It’s fine to have close friends we can truly rely on, I must not to make them the first person I turn to when I’m in need, God must always be the first person I turn to for help and advice.

I know that although my friend has passed away, they are still watching over me from heaven, and while they may can no longer give me the advice and support they used to, God will provide the support I need today and everyday.

God is always here for us…here’s Mark Schultz singing He Is: