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Today it’s time for a lesson…in Scottish words and/or phrases. I wonder how many you’ll understand, nevermind know!

  1. Haud yer wheesht
  2. Dinnae teach yer Granny tae suck eggs!
  3. Is the cat deid?
  4. Do yer dinger
  5. Ma heid’s mince
  6. It’s a dreich day
  7. Wallies
  8. Bahookie
  9. Eejit
  10. Glaekit

Any ideas what any of the above means, or are they all a foreign language to you?

Here’s the meaning of each of the above:

  1. Be quiet!
  2. Don’t try to teach someone something they already know
  3. Has the cat died? Which is usually asked of someone when their trousers are a bit short. i.e. Their trousers are like a flag flying at half mast
  4. Loudly express disapproval; Go mad
  5. My head’s a bit mixed up
  6. It’s a cold, damp and miserable day
  7. False teeth
  8. Bottom, backside, butt
  9. Idiot!
  10. Stupid!

So how did you get on? Confused or feeling quite pleased with yourself for knowing them all?