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not ashamedAre you ashamed to publicly tell others about your faith?

I’m not ashamed to own my Lord,
Or to defend his cause,
 Maintain the honour of his word,
The glory of his cross.
By Isaac Watts


I came across the above words in our Salvation Army songbook the other day when I was just flicking through the pages for nothing in particular. But they struck a chord with me, and got me thinking about whether I really do stand up and defend God, or whether I just sit in the background and pretend I don’t care.

I’m far from perfect, but when I thought about it I have “stood up” to those who have dismissed God as non-existent or criticised him when they’ve commented on my blog posts. However I know than in person I’m not nearly as good at “standing up” for God.

I therefore pray today that whenever and wherever others dismiss God or criticise Him, He will give me the courage and the words to stand up for my beliefs. I hope you will too!