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Man_At_The_CrossCan I ask you today to think back to when you first accepted God into your life – I’m sure whether it was yesterday, last year or many years ago, you’ll still vividly remember that moment.

I gave my life, my all to God a number of years ago, and while my faith in God may have gone through some rough patches over the years, it is now as strong as it’s ever been. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my fault, because I know I have many, however I do my best, with God’s help to make sure I take all my problems to God and leave them with Him.

I pray regularly that God will use me to help others in their Christian journey. I’m no preacher, but I truly believe that He directs and guides me in what to write in my blog.

I have given Him every part of my life, to use as He needs, I pray you too will give your all to God.