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Great advice in the above video…

Are you tired
Worn out and empty
Is your soul weary

Have you tried
Releasing your burdens
Do you feel the weight
Of worry

I am the rest you need
I am the Prince of Peace
Enter the rest of God

Come to Me
Burdens will fly away
Walk with Me
Learn the unforced rhythms of grace

Come to Me
Burdens will fly away
Walk with Me
Learn the unforced rhythms
Live the unforced rhythms of grace

There are many of us who have proved that taking our all, our everything, burdens and cares to God and leaving them with Him, can reinvigorate our faith and our love of God. So why not renew your spirit today by taking your all to God.

We find rest in those we love,  and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us ~ Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

When we’re in the presence of those we love, something happens to us, we relax, we be ourselves, we show our love openly in both our words and our actions. It’s good to be in the presence of those we love isn’t it. It can be particularly restful when we’ve had a tough day, and go home to spend time with our loved ones.

That’s why I’m thankful I can  say I have a place where I can relax, my home with my husband.

I pray you too may be able to spend some time of peace and relaxation with your loved ones on a regular basis.

God is good – He provides all we need to get through our busy and stressful lives.

Do you think you are too old to serve God?

The world may consider it ok to throw away all your experience when you get to a certain age, but God never does!

In God’s kingdom there is no such thing as retirement, therefore God wants and expects us to continue working for Him all our lives. i.e. No matter our age there are still ways in which we can serve God.

So don’t stop serving God, just because you think your too old to be of use to Him.

Following on from yesterday’s blog post What Kind of Soldier, today is about dedication

When someone is dedicated to something they are  wholly committed to a cause, ideal, or personal goal; they are set apart for a specific purpose.

We hear a lot about individuals being dedicated to their profession or hobby – These are individuals who spend much of their time working for or towards their cause or goals.

So here’s today’s big question…

Are you a dedicated Christian on active duty?

Here’s the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army playing the beautiful piece Dedication:

I would be thy holy temple,
Sacred and I dwelt by thee;
Naught then could stain my commission,
‘Tis thy divine charge to me.

Take thou my life, Lord,
In deep submission I pray,
My all to thee dedicating;…
Accept my offering today.

Or are you (using yesterday’s blog post terminology) a reserve status Christian, a guard status Christian or is your dedication completely AWOL?

If you’re not a dedicated Christian can you truly call yourself a Christian at all?

I Am a Soldier
Author unknown
I am a soldier in the army of God.
The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commanding Officer.
The Holy Bible is my code of conduct.
Faith, Prayer, and the Word are my weapons of Warfare.
I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversity, and tested by fire.
I am a volunteer in this army, and I am enlisted for eternity.
I will either retire in this Army or die in this Army;
but, I will not get out, sell out, be talked out, or pushed out.
I am faithful, reliable, capable, and dependable.
If my God needs me, I am there.
I am a soldier. I am not a baby.
I do not need to be pampered, petted, primed up,
pumped up, picked up, or pepped up.
I am a soldier. No one has to call me, remind me, write me, visit me, entice me, or lure me.
I am a soldier. I am not a wimp.
I am in place, saluting my King, obeying His orders,
praising His name, and building His kingdom!
No one has to send me flowers, gifts, food, cards, candy, or give me hand-outs.
I do not need to be cuddled, cradled, cared for, or catered to.
I am committed. I cannot have my feelings hurt bad enough to turn me around.
I cannot be discouraged enough to turn me aside.
I cannot lose enough to cause me to quit.
When Jesus called me into this Army, I had nothing.
If I end up with nothing, I will still come out even. I will win.
My God will supply all my needs. I am more than a conqueror.
I will always triumph. I can do all things through Christ.
Devils cannot defeat me. People cannot disillusion me.
Weather cannot weary me. Sickness cannot stop me.
Battles cannot beat me. Money cannot buy me.
Governments cannot silence me, and hell cannot handle me!
I am a soldier.
Even death cannot destroy me.
For when my Commander calls me from this battlefield,
He will promote me to a captain.
I am a soldier, in the Army, I’m marching, claiming victory.
I will not give up. I will not turn around. I am a soldier, marching Heaven bound.

There are four kinds of soldiers in God’s army:

  1. Active Duty: Serving the Lord faithfully, daily, and on duty 24-7-365.
  2. Reserve Status: Serving only when called upon, or twice a year: Christmas and Easter.
  3. Guard Status: Backing up the Active Duty group.
  4. AWOL – Absent With Out the Lord.

Which kind of soldier are you?

Today is all about options again – I’m going to give you two items at a time, and you have to choose which either best describes you or which you prefer:

  1. City or countryside
  2. Xbox or Wii
  3. Night out or night in
  4. Christmas or Easter
  5. Cats or dogs
  6. Black or white
  7. Work or leisure
  8. Supermarket or local store
  9. Public transport or own car
  10. Brass band or orchestra

A variety of questions, some about your personality, some about your preferences. Whatever your answers, together they define who you are.

In case you’re wondering here’s my answerslogo_your_preferences_final

  1. City
  2. Wii
  3. Night in
  4. Easter
  5. Cats
  6. Black
  7. Leisure of course!
  8. Supermarket
  9. Own car
  10. Brass band

When difficult times come your way and stay with you for what seems like eternity, you may feel as if God doesn’t love you and doesn’t care about you.

That however couldn’t be further from the truth, because the truth is that God loves you too much to leave you the way you are.


I’ve heard the following song, He Sought Me, several times in these last few weeks – our songsters sang it last week, and when I’ve been listening to my ipod on a few occasions, various recordings of this song have come on.

A powerful song, with powerful words. Words which I find so  very reassuring.

Having had this song on my mind a lot recently, I’ve found myself thinking about the message behind the words. This was when I realised that the message it actual very simple…normally when we lose something we spent hours, sometimes even days trying to find it again. When we “lose” or ignore God, he doesn’t sit about waiting for us to find Him again, He comes looking for us, and He doesn’t give up until he find us again and we give our lives back to Him…If only everything we lost could come looking for us again!

Don’t be lost to God, find Him and give your heart to Him.

The Saviour sought and found me,
Far from the narrow way;
He made my blinded eyes to see
On that wonderful, wonderful day!
He sought me, he sought me,
When I was wandering far away;
He found me, he found me,
O what a wonderful day!
He lifted sin’s great burden,
He saw my deep dismay,
And graciously he pardoned me
On that wonderful, wonderful day.
My sin was red like crimson,
He washed it all away;
He filled my heart with melody
On that wonderful, wonderful day.

Aunt Mae (Aug 2011)Today, the 23rd October, is another sad day for us, as today would have been my Aunt Mae’s 91st birthday.

It’s now just over 6 months since my Aunt Mae passed away, but just typing these words have started my tears flowing again. In many ways it seems like just yesterday Aunt Mae passed away, just 6 weeks after my Dad died. However in many other ways it seems like an eternity since both Aunt Mae and Dad were here with us.

I have thought of my Aunt Mae every day since she died.

I have shed many tears every day since Aunt Mae died.

I have missed my Aunt Mae every day since she died.

As Aunt Mae’s dementia worsened, she, just like my Dad, failed to recognised us or acknowledge that she knew us and latterly her personality completely changed, as she went from being a loving caring person to someone who was angry and aggressive…that just wasn’t my Aunt Mae. Having said that, during her final few days in the hospital, she did seem to have a the odd moment of clarity, as at one point when Mum apparently told her I was on my way in to see her she smiled and tried to say my name…

I am in no way saying there was no bond between Aunt Mae and the rest of my family, but I know there was always a special place in her heart for me, after all I was named after her as Mum and Dad gave me her name as my middle name, Mary.

These have been incredibly difficult months for my family, and my Mum in particular – Mum’s struggled to come to terms with the death of first my Dad and then Aunt Mae, but she’s getting there, as am I. I would however ask that today, as we remember my Aunt Mae in particular, on what would have been her birthday, that you continue to pray for us as we continue to grieve the death of two much-loved members of our family, my Aunt Mae and my Dad.

I love you Aunt Mae, and I miss you so much. You’ll always be in my thoughts and firmly in my heart. Dorothy xxx

Do you ever get the feeling everything is going against you?

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone is against you?

Yes, it may seem at times during your life that everything and everyone is against you, but that is not the entire truth because God is not against you!

It actually gets better than that, as Jesus is not against you.  

The Holy Spirit is not against you.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are 100% for you, and they are greater than any foe that is against you.

 It is God who has the final authority and the final say over everything that concerns you.

Romans 8:31 says:

If God is for us, who can ever be against us?