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Today is Remembrance Sunday when we think of those who have served in our armed forced at some time. We especially think of those who have lost their lives while on active service as well as their families.

This Remembrance Sunday I’ve found myself thinking of those in our armed forces who have been injured or killed in the UK where they were supposedly in a “safe” environment. It seems there are now no safe places/counties in this world of our anymore, and that for me is why it makes it even more important that even though we may not agree with the conflicts and roles in which our armed forced are involved, we continue to support our soldiers. They take their lives in their hands every day they are part of our armed forces, regardless of whether they are at home in the UK or on duty in another country.

So this Remembrance Sunday, please take a few minutes to think of those who have been injured or killed while part of our armed forced. But please also say a prayer for those who still serve in our armed forces, after all they are protecting our freedom and our lives!