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…A time for families

…A time for celebrations

…A time for giving

…A time for parties

…A time for Christ

I must admit to being disappointed by a number of conversations I’ve heard in these last couple of weeks – These conversations have all been about Christmas, but not about Christ-mas, but instead about all night partying, drinking to excess and then suffering from a hangover for a day or two afterwards.

I’m sorry if I sound like a party-pooper because honestly I like a good party as must as the next person, but come on, what is it about Christmas that make people think it means they have to drink to excess and become so f=drunk that they can’t remember much, if anything, about their night out, and feel really ill the next day…or two!

no christ no christmasAs well as this, I’ve also been disappointed by the number of people who, when talking about their Christmas, have focused on everything and anything apart from celebrating the birth of Jesus. Even when someone has mentioned about church or chapel, they’ve talked about it as if it’s a chore going to church and that they only go at Christmas out of duty, not because they want to celebrate the reason for the season.

The reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus, so please, this Christmas don’t get too caught up in partying and presents that you forget that if it hadn’t been for Christ, we would not have CHRISTmas!