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bibleI find many of the documents I have to use on a daily have to be created using a standard template and if I don’t use the latest version of the template my request/document is sent back to me saying it can’t be processed because I’ve not used the right template.

Templates in themselves are great when they are designed well and you are given clear and concise instructions on how to fill them in. However if there is no consistency to the way the templates are designed or no standard location in which to find the latest version or the instructions for completion aren’t clear, that’s when the problems start!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a template for life so that just like our documents, if we got it wrong or need guidance, we are given clear instructions on how to get through the situation and make things right!

Well the good news is there is a template for life, it’s called the bible!

The bible gives us guidance and direction in all areas of life, and tells us what we need to do to make things right. So whenever you use a document template think about whether your life is following God’s template for your life.