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Over the years I’ve had a number of church leaders, because in the Salvation Army our church leaders tend to stay in each appointment for just a few years. I’m sure many Salvationist would agree with me that this has its advantages and it’s disadvantages. i.e. When you get leaders you are not so keen on, they aren’t with you for too long; Conversely when you get leaders who truly inspire, teach and lead you, they always seem to be moved on to another appointment far to soon.

But what should we do when we have leaders/pastors who don’t quite lead and inspire as the church needs?

As I read recently on Twitter, the answer is simple:

If a church wants a better pastor, it can get one by praying for the one it has. – Robert E. Harris

Do you regularly pray for your church leaders/pastors? Whether you think you have great leaders or whether you wish you had better leader, you should still pray for them, they are humans just like you and me, and therefore they need our love, support and prayers just as much as we do.