Archive for March 11, 2014

It can sometimes be easy to see why some people feel excluded from things just because they weren’t part of a group/team when it first started. Here’s some examples I’ve been made aware of recently:

  • social_exclusionThe person never got their own personal folder/documents as they were just given the those that still had the name of their predecessor on it.
  • The person had not been made aware of events that have already taken place or are planned in the future because they weren’t there when the group was initiated, so always feel as though they are “in the dark”.

Is it a rotten way to be treated, or, is it simply someone over reacting to their current situation?

Personally, I think it inconsiderate of the person’s leader/manager to continually expect them to be ok about having to use items that still refer to the person who previously had their role. I also think it is bad practice not to ensure everyone in your group is not up-to-speed on what’s happening, as isn’t it only courtesy to keep your members informed of what’s happening?

Let’s make people feel part of our groups/teams by making sure we do all we can not to make them feel excluded or unwanted, as every group or team member has a part to play.