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Let me paint a picture to you:

social_exclusionYou’re part of a group or team, and at one point, one person is not there for over a year, then a number of months after they return, someone else is absent for a few months.

When the first person returns, it is mentioned at the conclusion of their first day back that it is nice to have them back, and that’s the extent of their welcome. However when the second person returns after a much shorter absence, they are welcomed back at the commencement of their day back, get a loud cheer and lots of hugs. Then at the end of their first day back, they get welcomed back again.

What can we conclude from this? It seems it depends who you are, and possibly how long you’ve been absent for, how you are welcomed back.

Just as in Excluded which I posted earlier in the week, I want to urge you to make sure we do all we can to treat every member of our groups/teams in the same way so no-one feels less important to the group/team.