Archive for March 17, 2014

I found myself on the National Secular Society‘s website last week to check out their views on something I’d heard on the radio that day, and I was shocked to find that the by-line on their website is “Challenging religious privileges“.

Wow! “Religious privileges”! What privileges do they thing we those of us who follow a religious get? For me, as a Christian I know I am privileged of receive to God’s love. However I doubt that’s the privileges they are referring to!

Personally I get the feeling that rather than those who follow a religion receiving any privileges in this country, it’s become more and more like it’s the atheists such as the supporters of the National Secular Society who are receiving the privileges, as they are the ones whose opinions seems to be listened to and enforced, making it more and more difficult for religion to be taught for example, to our children in schools.

mp-good-friday-2011Why should the atheist view be taken as the correct thing to do in this age of equality? Why are sitting back and accepting religion being marginalised in our society? This country we live in was once proud to be known as a Christian nation, so what has happened? Is it simply equality or political correctness gone overboard, or is it simply that we Christians are not stepping forward and challenging those who seek to drive religion out in this country?

Don’t let the privilege of knowing and serving God, end with this generation, keep witnessing and sharing God’s message of love to all those you meet.