Archive for March 30, 2014

Renovation Work NoticeFor the last few months a new worship hall has been getting built for Bellshill Salvation Army and the existing building refurbished. We have therefore been holding our Sunday services in Bellshill Cultural Centre while this work has been underway, as well as holding our band and songster (choir) practices in other local churches/Salvation Army halls.

Our new hall is now ready, so this morning was our final worship meeting in Bellshill Cultural Centre, before we return to our new hall next weekend. With today’s events in mind, I’ve been thinking about refurbishment a lot in the last few days, but not just the refurbishment of buildings, but the refurbishment of our lives.

We spend thousands of pounds refurbishing buildings, hundreds of pounds on new clothes to refurbish our wardrobes, and some even spends lots of money on cosmetic surgery to give themselves a newer look, but what about our spiritual lives? Are we as ready and willing to give our spiritual lives a lift?

If you think about it, to refurbish our spiritual lives, costs us nothing in monetary terms, as God’s love for us is free! We also don’t need to go round lots of shops, or architects to find the best deal, and the cheapest deal when it comes to our spiritual life, as there is only one who can offer us new life free of charge, God!

So to recharge your spiritual life, all you have to do to is ask God to fill you anew with His love and grace, and then give the whole of your life over to Him!

Renew us, remake us, today Lord.