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…everything to me

Bold words, but words I really do mean.

How about you, what does the cross mean to you?

For many these days it’s just a shape/form they see regularly on church steeples, in cemeteries and also in jewellery. These are just some of the visual things that the word “cross” can conjure in our mind, however for me, the cross is so much more than just a visual image!

The cross certainly does not tell me that life will be easy and that I’ll never encounter difficulties or struggles. It doesn’t mean that God answers my prayers when or even in the way I want Him to!

The cross does however assure me that no matter what difficulties or problems I may be facing, God is with me through it all. In doing that if offers me the promise of eternal life. I know my family and friends and myself will not always stay safe and health, but because I believe in God, and in the power of the cross, I am assured that we will all see each other one day in eternity and God will wipe away our tears.

The cross means everything to me, Christ means everything to me – How about you?