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The cross has said it all
The cross has said it all
I can’t deny what You have shown
The cross speaks of a God of love
There displayed for all to see
Jesus Christ our only hope
The message of the Father’s heart
Come my children, come on home

As high as the heavens are above the earth
So high is the measure of Your great love
As far as the east is from the west
So far You’ve taken our sins from us

The cross has said it all
The cross has said it all
I never recognized Your touch
Until I met You at the cross
We are fallen, dust to dust
How could You do this for us?
Son of God, shed precious blood
Who can comprehend this love?

How high, how wide, how deep
How high…

Can you comprehend the love Jesus showed when he shed His blood at Calvary all those years ago?

It’s amazing, it’s astounding, but it’s true, God’s son Jesus suffered a horrendous death when he was crucified at Calvary, all so the world would understand and see how strong God’s love was for us. Jesus, God’s only son, died, for you and for me, just so we could be free!

Can you comprehend how much God loves you?