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My answer to the question I posed in the title of this blog post is, yes, some people do change while others definitely do not!

In these last few weeks I’ve experienced examples of both answers, and here’s one example:

When I was young I never really fitted in with the “in” crowd in school, church or the other activities I took part in. In one such part of my life there was a group of us all about ages with one another, but there was one person in this group who was always very unkind towards me – They always completely ignored me, looked though me as if I wasn’t there and on several occasions when I was walking behind them, rather than hold a door for me they actually slammed the door in my face!

SlammingDoorInFaceWhat I hated most was that in everyone else’s eyes this person could do no wrong, and even when others in the group were around and this person treated me this way, no one said or did anything to support me…it was as if I didn’t exist or didn’t matter – at least that’s what it felt like.

Since that time I have been at a few events that this person was at, and sadly they still treated me exactly the same – Completely ignored me and looked through me as if I wasn’t there. There was even a point when I was chatting to a close friend while looking at a notice board, when this person came along side me, stood right in front of me, turned towards my close friend, ignored me and spoke to the person I had been in the middle of talking to!

To be honest when I was young I thought it was all my fault that I was treated this way even though I had no idea what I’d ever done to deserved being treated like this, other than not to have the same priorities in my life and not being part of the “in crowd”. I now can see it was probably not my fault as this particular person doesn’t seem to have matured in any way all, as they as still as ignorant and unkind as they ever were, and I actually feel quite sorry for them.

On the other hand, I’ve also found some of those who used to just look on when these things were happening, have turned into the nicest people, and one of them even commented to me about how this other person treated me today and how sorry they were for what happened in the past.

I can think of a number of example of people you who change for the better as well as those who don’t change, but I think the about examples as great examples of both the good and the bad. I hope all your experiences are of people changing for the good.