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Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See that I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up! (Isaiah 43:18-19)

During our life, things happen which deeply affect us: achievements and attainments, hurts and disappointments, births, deaths or marriages. Whether it’s positive or negative experiences, it’s how we cope with these experiences that mould our lives and the make us who we ultimately become.

God tells us to move on from our past experiences and let Him show us the way forward, our future. That doesn’t mean we forget our past, because it will always be part of who we are, it just means we learn from those experiences and let God help us to use them to make us more like Him.

Here’s the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army with Just Like Him (Terry Camsey):


God's promises


It’s true, in the darkest of times, there is one person who will always be there for you, God.

But God isn’t just a there for us during those dark days, he’s there for us 100% of the time.

God’s love shines strong like a star in a clear dark night.

God’s promises are as strong as the light shining from a star in the darkest of nights.


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The miserable have no other medicine but hope.

And hope comes from belief and trust in God.


Have you planned what you want to achieve in your life?

Whether you have planned what you want to achieve in your life, or whether you just life each day as it comes, your days have actually been planned this way, by God!

In Jeremiah 29:11-12 (NIV) we read:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.

God has planned our life, but he is always there to listen to us when we come to him in prayer. So let him take control of your life and help you achieve the goals he has already set for you.

He does not care about your political views. He does not care which political party you follow or support, if indeed you support any of them!

He does not care about building consensus or opening dialogue in a society where many views/opinions exist about politics and religion.

Instead, Jesus loves and welcomes everyone who seeks Him, because He is the epitome of love.

There are no sides in God’s kingdom, it is simply a place full of love, understanding, equality and eternal life. So we cannot claim Jesus is on our side in any political debates, however if we align our views with His, then we can claim to be on His side.

Do you claim to be on His side in all areas of your life?

Glasgow is my home.

Glasgow is the focus of sport for so many just now.

Glasgow 2014, the twentieth Commonwealth Games.

Gold, silver and bronze medals to be won…how many will we win.

Gold medals is what we want, and on the first day of competition, we won multiple medals!

Going to watch some sports we don’t get a change to see very often.

Great atmosphere.

Great crowds.

Great support for all the athletes, but of course the loudest and best support is definitely given to the Scottish athletes.

Getting excited by the games being in my home city.

Gold, gold, gold is what we want.

Go on team Scotland, get us loads of medals.

Go team Scotland!


Are you good at handling pressure, or do you crumble and fall when pressure is applied to you?what will i do know?

Maybe it depends what type of pressure you’re put under, whether you cope well or not. e.g.

  1. Pressure at work to get a project/system completed and implemented by a specific deadline
  2. Pressure in your personal life to do lots of tasks for yourself or others leaving yourself with little time to yourself when you’re not working

I must admit, in some scenarios, such as the first example above, I cope pretty well – I’m told it’s because I’m very organised and therefore able to manage the work to ensure all required tasks are completed on time. However I sometimes don’t cope quite so well when I end up having little “me” to relax and recharge my batteries, but even then it does vary from situation to situation.

How about you, are you a pressure-junkie?


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How many times have you been let down by someone who has promised to do something for you?

How many times have you promised to do something for someone, but have let them down?

God has made many promises to us, but He never lets us down. He may take longer than we’d like to respond to needs, but he will always meet our needs.

The start of the twentieth Commonwealth Games is finally here, and it’s in my own back yard!


We’ve known for a while that Glasgow would be the host city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, but it always seemed something way in the future, however we are now on the very final minutes of the countdown to the start of the games.

Like many in Glasgow and the surrounding area, we are taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the world’s top athletes, so over the next couple of weeks we’ll be heading to Hampden to see some athletics, the Emirates Stadium for some badminton, and Ibrox for some rugby sevens. My hubby is also heading to the Hydro one day to see some boxing, but that was not for me!

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing some world-class sport in the next couple of weeks, and most of all I’m looking forward to proudly supporting my country, Scotland!

C’mon Scotland, let’s win loads of medals!


Where to start with this one?

How about…


Those are very generic terms aren’t they…clan,generations, home etc. I was however thinking more specific things about what family means to you. Maybe something like this


They are quite specific, and all things I would quite happily agree my family mean to me. How about you, do you have any specific words/terms that you’d use to describe what your family means to you?