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Some of you will think this blog post is a rant; some will think my opinion stinks; some may think I’m over-reacting and maybe one or two of you might agree with what I say in this blog – Well whatever your view of what I’m about to say, I pray you are, and continue to be, an encourager to all you meet, regardless of age, colour, sex, religion or nationality.


I’ve become increasingly aware in the last while of how often we are reminded to make sure we encourage our youngsters in their faith and to help them in their Christian journey. I don’t have a problem with encouraging the young folk at all, however I am concerned about these requests on two levels:

  1. Why does it seem we are only ever asked to encourage our youngsters? Do those who are a little bit older never need any encouragement, because we’re very rarely asked to encourage everyone else, are we?
  2. As Christians, isn’t it our duty and responsibility to encourage one another? So why does it seems that people feel they always need to remind us of this…but only when it comes to encouraging the younger folk in our church community?

As I said at the start of this blog post, I really am not having a go at anyone, and believe me, I really do agree that we should encourage everyone, but that is exactly my point…we must encourage everyone, not just the youngsters!

I don’t know about you, but I know I could do with some encouragement sometimes, but when are we ever requested to “remember to encourage our forty-somethings”!!!

Encourage someone inspirational quote

So I would time to remind you today to encourage everyone regardless of age, colour, sex, religion or nationality, because we all need encouragement sometimes!