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Has anyone every told you that they “believe in you”?

What does that even mean? It means someone believes in your capability to complete a task or set of tasks, normally when the pressure is on.

Whether anyone has ever actually said these words to you or not, I’m sure you can understand that someone stating that to you may either give you confidence and spur you on, or terrify you and make you scared that you’ll fail.

If you are scared of failing, doesn’t that make it more likely that you will fail?

Don’ t we have to have confidence in ourselves and our own abilities to achieve difficult or pressurised tasks? Having said that, one of the worst things you could do  is be over-confident in your abilities, as just like not being confident at all, over confidence is just as likely to be your downfall when the pressure is on.

So be realistic about your abilities and be confident in them, because you can achieve your goals, and the goals set for you by others, if you have confidence in your ability.

Believe in yourself!