Archive for August 14, 2014

I’m sure we’ve all done something wrong on a number of occasions. I’m also sure that n at least some of those occasions, as soon as we’ve done something we shouldn’t have done, we’ve wished we hadn’t done it. I’m equally sure that when those incidents have resulted in us hurting someone, a friend or family member, we’ve said sorry and asked for forgiveness.

Sadly though, as soon as the words or action has taken place, the damage has been done. We can’t erase painful words from someone’s memory, nor can a murderer bring someone back from the dead and erase the grief their loved ones feel.

God doesn’t make light of sin and the harm it causes, and proved this by sacrificing His son so that He could give us the forgiveness, mercy and love he desires us to have. Are we worthy of that sacrifice? Are you worthy of that sacrifice?