Archive for January 6, 2015

Once again since Christmas, we’ve been trying to clear out the house a bit, as we seem to have accumulated things which either we’ve never used in years, or have forgotten we had bought, and therefore we don’t really need. Why is it that we hold onto so many things “just in case we need it”, because over all these years I could count on one hand the number of times that “just in case” moment has every happened!

It can be hard work to clearing out cupboards/wardrobes/attics of things we no longer need in our lives, sometimes made harder because we come across items which remind us of specific people, situations or events and that can cause us to reminisce and sometimes upset us and distract us from what we’re trying to do.

Maybe at the start of this new year, we need to not only clear out our physical belongs but also clear out our hearts and minds of hurts and disappointments that we are still holding onto. By holding onto hurts and disappointments and not giving them over to God, my guess would be that, if we’re honest with ourselves, they are probably still causing us more pain and hurt because we are still holding onto them.

So this new year why not clear out your emotional baggage as well as your physical belongs by giving them all to God and leaving them there, because in doing so you will feel as though a burden has been lifted from you.


Take all of these impurities
Giving You this wretched soul
I’m giving You these insecurities
Giving You all control