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Yesterday in People #1 I spoke about how many people I came into contact with on one particular day last week. Today I’d like to think a bit more about those people as individuals, and consider how each of them was feeling when you saw/met them.

struggleWell I guess that it’s probably easier to answer that question for those you met that you actual know, than for those you don’t. Mind you, it may be just as difficult for you to answer that questions for those you know, as many people, including those you see every day at work, school, church or in your neighbourhood can be struggling physically, emotionally and/or spiritually, but when they are in public “put on a brave face” so others can’t see their pain.

Have another think about those you’ve been in contact with, is there anything you personally can do to help them? Even if you don’t think there’s anything you can do to help others, think again, because the one thing we can all do for others is pray for them!

No matter what struggles or problems we may be facing, God is the answer to our every need. So pray for those you meet regularly, pray for those you see occasionally, pray for those you know intimately…simply pray, and God will answer those prayers.