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The Future

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And it’s because of my faith in the above statement that I say the following…


First steps in any circumstances or situations are always difficult – Whether it be a child’s first faltering steps; taking your first steps into a new job or role; driving a car on your own for the first time after passing your driving test; or making the first move to talk to someone who fell out with/had a disagreement with etc

First steps can be difficult and challenging, and we may get hurt or be disappointed by the outcomes, however often they are the first steps to a great future. This doesn’t just apply to our work, relationship or social life, it also applies to our Christian life as the following quote illustrates:

We’re called to be faithful, to take those first difficult steps–and to leave the results up to God ~Alex Harris

So be strong, trust God, and your first faltering steps with God and be the start of a wonderful Christian experience and life.

Whatever God requires is right, no matter what it is, although we may not see the reason there of until all of the events transpire ~ Joseph Smith Jr.

What we want to do and what God wants us to do are not always one and the same, so what do w do? Do we realise that what God wants is right and takes precedence over our wishes, or are we stubborn believing we know better than God what is best for us?

I pray that whatever God asks me to do, no matter how much it feels wrong for me, I trust God in the full knowledge that He knows what’s best for me better than I know myself.

I was listening to my ipod the other night on shuffle and that song came on and really caught my attention, so much so I have found myself listening to it several times since then!

Why did it stand it for me? Well as well as the beautiful haunting melody, the words seemed to reach out to me…

My Eyes Have Seen Holy by Bebo Norman

Am I unfit for You
Remember me, the one who turned from You
I come in rags tattered by the fall
And all the earth, a witness to my crime
Mercy, weep over me
Let Your tears wash me clean
Majesty, be merciful with me
For my eyes have seen Holy
Hear my prayer at night
Let the morning find me alive
For I am tired and weakened by the fall
Let all the earth bear witness to my cry
Let the amen sound from heaven as You lift my soul
Let the amen sound from heaven as You lift my soul
Let the angels sound from heaven, holy is the Lord
It really did remind me that no matter how many times I fall in my Christian faith, or how much life has broken me, or how many times I let God down, God will always be there lifting me up again.
My life is far from perfect, I’m far from perfect, my faith is far from perfect, however God is perfect because no matter what, He loves me.
No matter how many times you’ve fallen in life, God can and will lift you up, because He is Holy!

Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:

Promote optimism

Life always seems better when you focus on the positive things rather than seeing only the negative. So to that end whenever you find yourself focusing on the negative things around you, stop yourself, and try to see some positives in the situation. I totally understand that that can be much easier said than done in many circumstances, however, there is always a positive to every negative situations, so look hard and look deep and you will find the positive.

When  you are positive or optimistic about situations you feel better and that in turn definitely brightens your day.

Think positive



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cross_4youWhat do we owe Him?

What can we give Him?

We can give Him our all!

Here’s 4Him with Debt of Gratitude:

You brought me back to life
Healed my broken heart
You’ve given me my sight
You’ve taken me by storm

You gave it all away
To come and rescue me
Day after day
Your love delivers me
What can I ever do to thank You?

What do I owe You?
What can I pay?
My debt of gratitude grows every day
All I have to give is an offering of love
The sacrifice of praise

Here I am again
So in need of You
You always take me as I am
You always pull me through
What can I ever do to thank You?
(repeat Chorus)

Each day we all make 100’s of decisions or choices, many of them automatically, others we may have contemplated for many days or even weeks before finally making our choice. But what influences our choices? Your dreams or goals or your worst nightmares?

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears ~ Nelson Mandela

I hope the choices you make each day are ones to help you achieve your life goals and ones which simply backup your worst nightmares.


faithIn this last week I’ve been thinking a lot about faith, and how at different points in our life, we can find our faith stronger than at other times. In thinking about this I remembered a number of years ago, there were a couple of folk at Rutherglen Salvation Army who when they said hello to you on a Sunday, used to ask you “How’s your faith?”

I must be honest and say, I hated when I was asked that, and would just say nod and say “fine” without really considering whether this was the truth or not!

Anyone else been faced with that question in the past or more recently? If so, how did you feel and did you answer honestly?

Thinking now about how my faith is today, I can honestly respond to the question “How’s your faith?”, by saying it my faith is strong. I may be going through some difficult and stressful times just now, but, I know God is with me every minute of each day, giving me the strength to get through each day.

So in finishing, I want to challenge you to think about how you would answer this question, “How’s your faith?”

Do you feel tired and weary, or do you feel alive and full of energy?

How about your spiritual life, is it difficult or non-existent, or is it thriving and growing daily?

The state of your spiritual life is very dependent on your personal relationship with God, so if your spiritual life is difficult and in need of revival or rebuilding, there really is only one thing to do, get down on your knees and pray!

kneeling is the perfect position to pray


Yesterday in Up To Date, I talked about whether an older hymn was still relevant today. This in turn got me thinking about whether in fact the society we live in actually still thinks God is relevant today.

Well I think many in society are trying their hardest to make us all believe that God is irrelevant today, however I personally think God is as relevant today as he has ever been.

Whether we agree in or not, God has not changed, and our need for Him remains constant. Our bodies have spiritual needs that sadly we as a society have neglected for far to long. Just as our bodies need food and water, we need to feed our spiritual souls too, or they will starve. If we don’t eat or drink we can be sure we will die. Similarly if we do not feed our spiritual needs we starve ourselves of God’s love.

How much worse is it when we don’t even realize we are starving ourselves of God’s love?

Let’s make sure our community does not starve itself of God’s love, by spreading God’s message of love through our community.