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Friendships are wonderful things – having someone to talk to when you just need someone to listen; having someone who you can trust to have your back and keep your confidences to themselves; sharing in great times together and making memories…

…but then, the worst thing happens, you find out that your friend has told someone else about something you told them in confidence! You feel hurt? Upset? Angry? Rejected? Alone? Disappointed?

All those feelings are perfectly natural, and understandable, after all, they were your friend, and friends support one another and don’t do anything to hurt one another do they?

So my question to you is this, can a friendship that has been broken because of trust issues, ever be repaired?

forgiving and trusting

As the above says, forgiving the person who has hurt you by breaking your trust may be doable, but ever trusting them again can be difficult. I have to tell you though it is possible, because I’ve been there, I’ve had a friendship which I though was true and unbreakable, and so shared some very personal things with that person, only to find later that they had shared some of my confidences with others. I experienced all those feelings I listed earlier, but what you may find strange is that I still considered that person a friend because we’d shared so much personal stuff about ourselves with one another, that a bond between us was still there…the bond had been stretch and frayed, but was still holding on.

It has taken a while, but that friendship is growing again. We do not talk or share with one another as much as we used to, but our friendship is growing again slowly. It is difficult to trust someone again after they let you down, but remember this, while you were hurt and angry at them, how did they feel? Were they angry and disappointed at themselves for what they did, or did they feel they had done nothing wrong?

The bottom line is, forgiving those who let you down is the right thing to do, and while it is incredibly difficult to trust someone again after they have broken your trust, it is possible to rebuild not only those friendships, but the trust too.