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As a perfectionist I must admit that it can be difficult to be ok with what I do sometimes when it doesn’t measure up to the high expectations I place on myself. Over the years I have come to realise that this is both a curse and a blessing which I know might sound like a complete contradiction, so let me explain…

  • A blessing because in expecting perfection in all I do it drives me to do my best in everything.
  • A curse because in expecting perfection from myself, I set my expectations far to high so I fail which in turn means I chastise myself because I’ve not don’t things perfectly.

I am still a perfectionist, and I guess I always will be, but I try not to be as critical of myself when I don’t succeed as I maybe used to be…though I am still feel disappointed with myself when I don’t do things 100% right!

How can I expect other’s to accept me for who and what I am, if I can’t accept myself, faults, failures and flaws!