Archive for June 1, 2016

When someone asks for help with something that you are proficient or knowledgeable in, do you volunteer to help as soon as they request help, or do you wait until either someone else volunteers you or you realise you really are the only person who can help so guilt gets the better of you, so you volunteer?

Why is it that even when we’re knowledgeable in a subject/topic, we can still be unwilling to share our knowledge?

  • Are we scared of showing ourselves up by being unable to help?
  • Are we secretly hoping they will fail?
  • Do we think we haven’t got the knowledge or experience to help?
  • Do we think the best thing they can do is work out the answer for themselves?
  • We just don’t want to volunteer our services/help

My honest answer is I don’t know why sometimes I don’t help when I have the knowledge or experience to do so. I simply wondered if any of you have any thoughts on this, and if so could you share them with us?

power in sharing