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Have you ever played the game where you are presented with a tray containing a number of items, which you are then given a small amount of time to memorise. The tray is then either covered so that you are then required to list as many of the items on the tray as you can remember, or the tray is taken away one item removed and then brought back to you so you them have to identify which item has been taken away.

Depending on the number of items you are required to memorise this game can either be quite straight forward or can be very difficult. Although having said that, I have found it’s the folk that are most observant that tend to be best at this game.

MissingHow about if it’s a group of people and someone who is normally there isn’t there? How quickly, if at all, do you notice their absence? I guess it probably depends on your relationship with the “missing” person. i.e. If it’s someone you’re close to you probably notice quite quickly, however if it’s just someone you simply know to see, but don’t really know them, you’re probably less likely to notice if they aren’t there.

That all seems fine doesn’t it as someone else will notice these people  who you don’t really know, aren’t there…but will they? What if that person isn’t close with anyone else, does that mean their absence would go unnoticed, and no-one would consider checking if they are ok?

Maybe we all need to open our eyes more and pay more attention to those around us, as no-one’s absence from a regular event should go unnoticed, and we certainly shouldn’t assume someone else will check on them.

Everyone needs to feel needed and cared for so if someone can be “missing” but no-one notices, or contacts them it’s easy to understand why people can feel like an outsider. This can seem even worse to the person when it’s highlighted when others are “missing” that many people missing them and contacted them. when this happens is it really a surprise that some people feel like outsiders and feel like no-one cares about them?