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Are you a morning person?

Me, I’ve never been a morning person and I’m never likely to be!

not a morning personI’ve always struggled to get out of bed no matter what time of day it is…my school and university days are evidence of this!

These days, while I still hate getting out of bed I do tend to get up when the alarm first goes off – I used to put it on snooze and then snooze and again, but then I realised I actually found it even harder to get out of bed the more times I dosed off again.

While I may now get out of bed a little bit easier these days, there are some things that don’t change – I still like peace and quiet when I get up so please don’t try to have a conversation with me for probably the first hour or so after I get up as I just like to come too slowly and quietly.

So you have been warned – I am not a morning person!